Friday, November 11, 2011

The Pope Of Penn State

I really didn't want to go here but the more that comes out on this story the more I'm infuriated and it starts with Paterno.  It's not clear to me why Paterno didn't call in the police the second the assistant went to him and told Paterno what he had seen.  But the facts are starting to flow and it's becoming more clear to me that this smells just like the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick murder cover-up.  This story is immersed with the same stench of moral hazard and corruption that permeates our whole system.

I heard the story first reported on the local sports radio last Saturday, a couple days before it was blown wide open.  My first reaction was to assume that Paterno's legacy was safe.  But as this story unfolds, I now believe that Paterno is guilty of covering up this whole situation and that if he had done the right thing when he first heard about the incident it would have saved a lot of young boys from extreme abuse by a mentally ill monster.

But this is about money, greed and power.  Paterno was good about hiding his money and greed but everyone knew that he was the most powerful administrative figure at Penn State, responsible for billions of dollars flowing into the school during his time there.  Now it turns out that Paterno has the financial means to defend himself  as thoroughly as possible, as he has reached out to the same powerful DC  criminal defense attorney who defended George Bush in the Iran Contra affair.  That in and of itself reeks of implied guilt.
Unfortunately this means that the facts as they exist will be sufficiently obscured by a highly skilled legal technician in order to exonerate Paterno from legal culpability, even though I firmly believe, without any doubt, that Paterno knew exactly what Jerry Sandusky was doing the whole time.  In fact, legendary Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer is in public saying that because of the closeness of college football coaching staffs, the whole damn staff knew what was going on.

The bottom line is that Paterno sacrificed the sanctity and innocence of the lives of every child Sandusky violated for the sake of ego and money - for the sake of protecting his own legacy, which in my mind is now incinerated forever.  This whole crime involves Paterno and this is worse than murder because the victims have to live their entire life with the mental torment of what was done to them and that no one gave a shit because the Pope of Penn State was protecting money, power and fame. Paterno may be able to financially buy his way out legal liability here, but he can't buy his way out of going to hell. There is no room for forgiveness here.  Period.


  1. I don't even want to see a "news scroll" on the bottom of my screen with this B#@%^&*$#$& crap-hole Paterno's name on it. It disrupted my comfort while watching Phil Rivers blow the NFL game last night. Worse, we now have a new Casey Anthony trial unfolding that will keep the burger-biting public from focusing on the real issues of full out corruption and theft of our capital through (FED) monetary policy.

  2. Strange that so much attention is focused on "those that knew" instead of "he that did". Yes, Paterno should have gone to Sandusky and said, "You have a serious problem, and we're going to deal with it one way or another."

    And if Sandusky didn't agree to getting help, "the other" would have been to rat him out.

    But frankly, I get just as concerned about the Orwellian "if you see something suspicious, speak out" directives from the politically correct, to help them extinguish political incorrectness, as I get with any psycho-sexual disorder, no matter how perverse.

    Let's not forget who the perpetrator actually was, as we wonder why ALL the focus is placed on a powerful figure who simply didn't speak out.

    Is that somehow the greater crime?

  3. @Is that somehow the greater crime?

    Are you f#*king kidding me?

    Basically in some places both or all that knew would get their comeuppance and it would not be with lawyers.

    Make believe it was your little brother, nephew, or kid as victim...tell me how you feel know what the problem is in this country....from top to bottom...everybody has their head up their asses!


  4. Paterno had no plans to lawyer up until after he was fired. He wanted to coach the rest of the season. He would be a fool not to hire a lawyer after he was fired. He will be accused, just as this article accuses him. Paterno has donated over $4 million to PSU, so it may not be entirely accurate to say he was motivated by money here.

  5. The reason we are talking about Paterno and not Sandusky is because Sandusky is arrested and already effectively dead in the water. That and no one outside of PSU football fans had a fricking clue who Jerry Sandusky was until about a week ago. JoePa is/was a legend.

  6. (Dave)

    Who cares if Paterno donated $4mm to Penn State? THat's peanuts compared to the billions he was responsible for pulling into that school. JoePope was Penn State. He covered up a felony. Multiple felonies, many of which were commmitted on Penn State property IN THE FOOTBALL LOCKER ROOM.

    The only question is why didn't Paterno fire Sandusky on the spot and report a felony to the police? No one even care gave a shit about the kid the little boy that was being sodomized in the shower. Paterno threw him under the bus. Why didn't Paterno take this to police. Paterno likely new about Sandusky's little hobby before this.

  7. I dont like the idea that because paterno lawyered up with the best defense he could get (obviously on the advice of counsel)indicates that he is guilty of something. In this litigious society we all live in, it is not about truth anymore it is about law. If you dont defend yourself some prosecutor can allege anything to a misinformed jury and can destroy your life. Also keep in mind that high profile people have umbrella insurance for these purposes, so Paterno isn't necessarily spending his wealth for his defense.

    Bottom line to judge Paterno's guilt or innocence based on retaining counsel is just foolishness.

  8. (Dave)

    People are willing to give Paterno WAY too much benefit of doubt here. No way. After I read what Barry Switzer had to say there's no doubt in my mind that Paterno covered this up. Also, after listening to several former players being interviewed on the sports radio, there's no doubt that Paterno had more power to control this than the President of the university.

    You have to ask yourself, why did Paterno feel the need to hire one of the most skilled, connected DC attorneys - someone who was hired by the one of the wealthiest men in the country for defense against criminality at the highest level of our Government? Why couldn't Paterno have hired a local attorney to defend against a local matter? If he's blame-free, why did he have to hire a trained assassin to take care of a cock-roach infestation?

  9. Why did he higher the best lawyer? That should be obvious, wouldn't you? Paterno no doubt has his own counsel for basic matters along with insurance for defense, just like most high profile people. CEO's, Actors, Coaches, sports figures all have this protection or should have.

    His local counsel no doubt advised him to retain a specialist in this matter. That is the way today. If i have the means and protection available why would i hire some local chump who specializes in dui defense? If it is me i am going for the best i can get.

    Do you remeber the Jon Bennett ramsey case? the parents retained the best attorney they could and were not even suspects at the time. The father was a CEO and his general counsel recommended the attorney. I have seen innocent people vilified in court proceedings and life ruined because they didnt feel they needed counsel, they were just going to tell the truth. Courts or media dont want truth they want heads on a platter.

  10. Win baby, Win!
    Happy Valley!
    This is not a Sports Story.
    We are seeing the results of a very sick cultural norm, folks.
    "Predators" are not all that rare.

    And imagine, we see Students rioting to support that Norm....where the heck were the Cops?
    But we sure can bust heads on Braodway down by Civic Center on OWS Denver!

    Welcome to our Nightmare!

  11. (Dave)

    He hired the best DC political lawyer because those guys know how to obscure the facts. Bill Clinton: "a blow job isn't depends on how you define 'is'"

    That's why he hired who he hired. Period. He'd guilty of ocvering up a felony of the worst degree and he enabled that felony to be committed on Penn State property and allowed it to continue after he knew about it. Period. Now he's going to pay a lot of money to have his case dismissed because his lawyer is the best as obscuring the facts and finding tiny technical loopholes.

  12. (Dave)

    You can feel free to defend Paterno all you want but you are wrong. And yes I'm probably more familiar with the Ramsey case than you are because because I live in Denver, grew up in Denver and my father was a defense attorney in Denver.

    My first reaction was to give JoePope the benefit of doubt. After digesting everything I've heard about this I now am convinced beyond even a shadow of a doubt that he's guilty of cover-up. By the way, did you know that Sandusky lived across the street from an elementary school?

  13. (Dave)

    By the way, I find it fascinating that the point spread in the Nebraska/Penn State game has remained at Nebraska -3 1/2 all week, including today. I would love to see Penn State demolish the Cornhuskers. I feel bad for the players who placed their faith in "Linebacker U" and now have to go out and perform for pro scouts.

  14. If the NCAA doesn't allow any and every player who wants to transfer after the season then this whole mess gets even crappier.

  15. Barry Switzer's opinion is meaningless. His father was a bootlegger who spent time in prison and his mother committed suicide. You might as well consult some dumpster-diving crackhead.

    Paterno went straight to the AD and the VP (who is in charge of campus police ) and was told the situation was being handled. He isn't the police. He didn't know his former defense coordinator as a serial pedophile. Hindsight is easy.

  16. BTW----Since Paterno's hiring of a lawyer "reeks of implied guilt", now that Scot Paterno came public five minutes ago and said that Paterno has NOT hired a lawyer, it stands to follow that that reeks of implied innocence.

  17. (Dave)

    You're right he hasn't hired Sollers officially yet but he will soon enough:

    Look, I'm done arguing this with you because there's nothing to argue. If you want to believe that Paterno didnn't know anything about Sandusky and didnt' cover this up because of what it would have meant to the Penn State money juggernaut, that's your business.

    But to attack Barry Switzer like that is retarded. Switzer is the kind of guy that would have shot Sandusky with no questions asked.

    Quite honestly, you have to ask yourself, why didtn' Paterno take this to the police as soon as possible as soon as he heard about it? To give Paterno the benefit of doubt just because he is who he is is naive and reeks of putting one's head in the sand and hoping it all goes away...

  18. by the way you are arguing with a couple of people on this thread, i only posted the first comment about hiring a lawyer doesn't mean your guilty and the post referencing jon bennet.

    I do not agree with the post of schwitzer being less than a dumpster diving crack head because of his parents problems. Schwitzer rose above his problems and became successful in his own right.

    However the same can be said for Paterno, dont indict the guy on others opinion, media spin or what his parents did.

    I agree with the post that pointed out that Paterno did report the hearsay he was told by mcquery. He did what he was supposed to do, from the report i heard it was sandusky and a few teenagers showering in the locker room showers. Was it after a training session? or swimming or ? that question wasn't answered. Did Sandusky inappropriately touch the teen in the incident? All i heard is that the teen said it made him uncomfortable.

    I have a 13 y.o. boy who is now in Jr High and doesn't like to shower in the locker room with all the other boys. The reason, he was raised with modesty and this is something he never been exposed to.

    If your Dad was/is a defense attorney you should know better to accuse before the facts.

  19. Joe, follows the chain of command in this large institution and reports the incident. So his butt is covered and the Principals end up with the decision. But once exposed the sacrificial Lambs are trotted out to save the reputation of this fine establishment. The Trustees save face and ensure the departure of Joe. Nothing but layered Fraud as exist in all governing bodies, institutional protection rackets.

  20. (Dave)

    Dude, that's fine. Move on. I'm not Bill O'Reilly and you are not going to get the last word. This is not about Sandusky getting caught in the shower red-handed with one boy. There's 40 counts against Sandusky already and there's a report out that has not been refuted that Sandusky was pimping little boys to some big donor to his charity. This is huge.

    Look I'm sorry if you have a hard time accepting that Paterno likely covered this up for the sake of fame, power, ego and money. But the facts are getting stronger every day.

    The difference between this situation and the Ramsey case is that there are LIVE witnesses and already there's a big file of evidence that the authorities have been compiling for a long time.

    This is a tragedy but it's time to move on let it unfold. I know it was painful to find out there wasn't a Santa Claus either.

    I have one long-time colleague who is very bright and not a conspiracy theorist who believes the timing of this whole thing is not coincidental to the MF Global thing, because MF Global has some real cover-up issues going related to the missing collateral. Guess what? Everyone in the country is disgussing the Paterno thing and they should be more focused on the MF Global fraud. I only wrote my post because I at first was hoping Paterno was above all of his. As the evidence started unfolding he was above it - covering it up. I'm done discussing this and I want to put the focus back on our collapsing system, of which the Penn State scandal/cover-up is emblematic in terms of moral perversion and illlicit cover-up.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the Nebraska/Penn State game - I hope Penn State hammers Nebraska.

  21. So it's official. Knowing about a pedophile and not reporting it, is a greater crime than BEING a pedophile. I just wanted to get that staight, since my head is apparently up my ass.

  22. (Dave)

    That's what's ironic here. Paterno WAS the chain of command. I've heard several interviews with athletes who played there and i have a good friend who went there and goes back for homecoming games everywhere. They ALL say the same thing: Paterno ultimately had more power and control than the President of the university. Penn State got where it is and attracts students and the best athletes and a LOT of money. He is/was the Pope of Penn State.

    I think it's pathetic that he's going to hide behind the "I followed the chain of command" defense and because he reported it to the people he controlled, his hands are clean. This was NOT a campus police matter. This WAS a felony that should have been immediately reported to municipal police ASAP - not after some big pow wow to discuss "how to handle this matter," like Ted Kennedy did with his advisers.

  23. (Dave)

    Wil, I didn't say that. In my view, Sandusky should be put to death. Paterno covered this up and this is what this ia about. Not only THAT, he allowed Sandusky to use the Penn State athletic facilities AFTER he was fired. Are you kidding me? How about "enablement, or aiding abetting?"

    I'm outta here for the weekend and I'm done posting comments about this subject matter. I will post anything that is value-added when I get around to it.

    I'm off to run errands, have dinner with my girlfriend, and see "J Edgar"

    Have a great weekend all.

  24. Stupid game anyway. Paterno is a loser. You are the fans that gave this idiot the power and money. Deal with it and find a real sport instead of this commercial, half concocted bag of poop.

  25. Dave,

    You run a terrific blog and know your financial shit lights out.

  26. I have to add 2 points despite not wanting to flog this horse anymore. 1 - A walk-on backup linebacker friend of mine if mortified - "I listened to and valued every word from this ass (JoePa) for 4 years who spoke about character and team building" 2. Go google the county DA who went missing while sniffing around the case in 2003, Ray Gricar. Never found.

    This case goes deeper than anyone thinks. Just like MFG.

    Dave, I love the blog and look forward to it everyday. Keeps me sane! Heads up please when it's time to go and to where....

  27. I'm not defending Paterno in any way, and he deserved to be fired. But the man has done a lifetime of good deeds. He's earned the right to tell his side of the story before he's vilified. You might regret your remarks if it turns out the assistant coach who witnessed the rape lied and only told him a severely watered-down version of what really happened. Because lets face it, none of us know what he was told and it's all conjecture at this point.

    Again, I'm not defending Paterno but there's always two sides to the story. Don't forget the Duke Lacrosse players.

  28. This is nothing. This isn't even the tip of the ice berg. The ice berg hasn't even entered the picture.

    Wait till the politicians, and the numbers are massively HUGE, are exposed, no pun intended, for their ongoing interactions with the kiddies. That's when we'll see some real lynchings taking place throughout the Capitol and the other local state governments through out the U.S. and the world, where people have "power" over other people. We won't be able to control the mobs then.

    Maybe that's what it will take to wake up everybody? Sad but true.

    Folks, you ain't seen nothing yet. There's a lot of darkness going on out there behind closed doors. Take the same corruption seen in global finance and spread the stenchful vibe of pedophilia on thick and heavy in that same dark world and you'll have a smell of what's really going on.

    These are dark times, and this is just the beginning. Got integrity?

  29. One more troubling aspect. Sandusky retired abruptly in 1999 at age 55, one year after his first brush with the law over similar behavior. He was one the top division 1 defensive coordinators in the country and and the heir apparent to Paterno. He just resigned and left and never went to another program. Very odd. Hopefully the investigation will reveal the facts.

    The bottom line is that the media attention has brought much needed attention to this horrific form of abuse

  30. One of the largest comment counts since I've been following your site, Dave. Tells me something about peoples priorities and the state of the nation. In the end, Rome was all about Bread and Circus...and guess what, their elite fed on small children, too.

    On a happier note, an Uncle passed along some British Sovereigns from the 1920's. Man, they're hotter than that Paris Hilton broad and they'll still be good looking when she's a wrinkled old hag.

    Long live the Sofa King.

  31. These images of football fans showing their reverence toward that Paterno statute are almost as disturbing as the grand jury report itself.

  32. Psychopaths and pedophiles - One is one too many - the powers that be must suspend Penn State forever

  33. "... but he can't buy his way out of going to hell"

    Nobody can't buy his way out of going to hell.

    Both 1/n and 1000/n goes to zero when n>>1000.

    n=God's goodness.

  34. What is not clear to why the assistant did not go to the police when the evil was in front of him?....

  35. What did Paterno see? Nothing. What did he hear? We don't actually know but we do know it was second hand, i.e. rumor. What did he do? He reported it. Does anyone really think he should have become a vigilante???

  36. Will they raise tuition next year? Can't wait to see the enrollment figures for freshmen/women. Will it plunge?

  37. Some of these Penn State, Patero supporters might want to look up the definition of enabling. Might give them some personal insight into their lives. Unless the denial runs to deep. Great blog Dave.

  38. And so it goes on. The last major scandal was the Franklin Cover Up and John de Camp has written extensively about this. The same names and the same modus operadi appears in the Penn State scandal. Marvin Bush associated with Sandusky, I bet if you dig further you will find all the old names coming up again. In his book on the subject John de Camp accused Warren Buffett of Omaha of being a sexual predator. When Buffett threatened to take him to Court John de Camp said go ahead, the truth is a defence. Today this allegation still stands in his books.