Monday, November 7, 2011


Sorry, I hate to venture into the seedy world of "he said/she said," but where there's smoke, there's fire and with Hermain Cain there's now four sources of smoke.  Here's the fourth one to come forward:  "After losing her job, Bialek allegedly turned to Cain for help. Allred said on Monday, 'Mr. Cain instead decided to try to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package.'"   Here's the LINK

I have to say that I'm not disapointed to see Cain go down in the flames like this because he's little more than a tool of the elitist bankers and also a neocon.  However, this is the BEST entertainment in town right now and it's free!

According to an unnamed source of mine:  "the only thing Cain didn't try to put his sausage on was the pizzas he sold because he got that stuff directly from the pig farm."


  1. Who is this Cain person anyway? Where did he come from? Why does the media give him a second of their time? LOL

    They're just flaunting their control and manipulation, now. The propaganda machine is in overdrive; spewing out these "politically correct" images like "black is hip" (stick it to them dumb whites). Really, where do they get these people? What's scary is that the masses buy into this prefabricated bullshit. What does that tell you about the US of A? Got gold? Better yet, got GUNS?

    This is going to be a doozie of a week.

  2. Gotta love those orchestra conductors. First prop Herman Cain up as a serious contender, then bring him down with a "sex scandal" as an excuse for the corporate media to spend most of its time with this nonsense so that the real issues, i.e., anything Ron Paul has been trying to talk about, can be ignored.

  3. How come no one is talking about what this woman said in her statement in repsonse to Cain's alleged overtures.

    In response to putting his alleged hand up her alleged skirt and forcing her allged neck in the direction of his alleged 'crotch', she simply exclaims, 'I have a boyfriend'. What? Is that what one would say if they are in a sexual harrassment situation? This was a poorly crafted statement by her careless lawyer who apparently has no clue of the import of such a response. It takes it entirely out of the realm of harrassment and into a consenual scene.

    No wonder Cain repeatedly states he's never sexually harrassed anyone. At least with repsect to this chicky, I would tend to agree.
    Sounds awefully consenual to me.

  4. Is this true?

    SIPC - Will NOT Backstop MF Global Customer Cash

    We evidentially proved that the CFTC was not regulating MF Global, now we proved that the SIPC will NOT Backstop MF Global Customer Cash. It has been however alleged (rumored) that JP Morgan grabbed custodial cash without MF Global Sign off. This cash could be used to pay customers and it may be a question of possession being 9/10ths of the law.

  5. Can you believe this $hit?

    Ex-Enron Executive Returns to Energy Sector

    HOUSTON—A former Enron Corp. official convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud is back in the energy business.

    Timothy DeSpain—a former assistant treasurer at Enron who in 2006 was sentenced to four years probation after admitting guilt—is at the helm of a proposed $100 million crude-oil terminal and industrial park in Texas. He heads GT Logistics LLC, a firm seeking to build a transportation hub in Port Arthur that would help link shale-oil deposits with refineries and chemical plants in the region.

  6. Face-Off Over Shortfall
    MF Global, J.P. Morgan Joust as Regulators Continue Search for $600 Million

    Late last week, MF Global received a statement from J.P. Morgan noting that an MF Global account held $659 million in customer-segregated funds as of Oct. 31, according to a person familiar with MF Global's thinking. Regulators quickly threw cold water on the idea that the funds at J.P. Morgan were the lost money, though people inside MF Global questioned how the CFTC was able to reach its conclusion.

    The complexity is due partly to the heavy trading at MF Global in the days before the bankruptcy, but the official said examiners were concerned that the company is unable to explain what happened to the money in the customer accounts.

    Because the shortfall affects commodity accounts, watchdogs such as the Securities and Exchange Commission have backed away from the investigation. [WTF does Mary do?]

  7. Radio Host Interviews Mitt Romney calls him an ahole ON AIR then praises Ron Paul


    I can't wait to see how this Solyndra bullshit plays out. Oh, hey wait, I can, because I've seen this before, time, and time again. Whether it be politics, gold rigging, Tiger, or even Billy C.

    "I smoke a "J", but I never inhaled"

  9. Unreal...

    40 States Show Worsening Trend in Mortgage Delinquencies; $169 Billion and Counting; Taxpayers, the True Lender of Last Resort

    What is amazing is that the FHFA is doing lawsuits on behalf of the GSE's, using Reps and Warranties. It is absolutely incredible that they are doing so since the GSE's knew what was going on and supported the process by ignoring it. I think that the lawsuit is "window dressing" to provide cover for the GSE's, and to try to avoid taxpayer bailouts. It could backfire however.

    As to the other questions:

    Solvent? Dependent upon the investor, there may be no solvency. This is a big part with pension funds like CalPers right now.

    Go to Congress? Congress wants no part of this mess.

    Where are the losses felt? They are felt through every part of the economy, from the balance sheets, pension funds, etc. Most important, the losses are felt in the Housing Market, through the drop in values, lack of desire to purchase MBS, artificially reduced interest rates by the Fed to attempt to spur on housing and the economy, lack of new housing construction, shadow inventories, foreclosures, etc. Just about every part of the economy has been affected by the losses.

  10. How many people in zuccotti park?

    Huge police presence ahead of student demonstration
    The largest single police presence to be deployed in Britain since this summer’s riots will be on the streets today as anarchists threaten to turn the student protest into a “sea of rage”.

  11. Behind The Scenes At OWS With Danny Schechter

    Posted by majestic on November 9, 2011

    Danny “Media Dissector” Schechter (director of Plunder: The Crime of our Time) says that “Behind the scenes of Occupy Wall Street is an organization that is pretty invisible. It is decentralized, it’s bottom up and it’s organized into working committees.”