Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Housing: From The Trenches In Arizona

"I live in ground zero of the real estate bubble in Arizona and my wife is a real estate agent. She works with a flipper and none of their properties are moving, not even getting offers. With winter snowbirds here this is the strongest time of the year for real estate and nothing is moving. Her investors have been dumping their prices and are starting to panic. "Just get rid of it" is becoming the mantra. The MLS listings have been increasing every month for three months and sales are declining. I think its about to shit the bed again."  - from a comment posted on today's earlier post.


  1. LMAO... Housing Bubble, The Sequel!

  2. An example of the disconnect these people have with reality. A bigwig in my wife local realty association actually said this as a sales pitch "now is a good time to buy because the stock market is to risky and going to crash again and all that money will go to the safety of real estate" I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when she told me that!

    1. LOL. A good salesman can put a positive spin on death

    2. Do you really want to laugh Dave ? Read this piece of crap article from Bloomberg.
      Divorce rates up means economy is improving. We no longer have to wonder why the majority of the population is brain dead. Idiots writing articles for idiots.

    3. ROFLMAO. Orwellian smoke in its essence

  3. The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has reported a 22% drop in quarterly profit and given a weaker-than-expected earnings forecast for the coming year.

    Net income for the three months to 31 January fell to $4.4bn (£2.6bn) from $5.6bn a year earlier.

    Wal-Mart said tough winter weather, cuts to government benefits and higher taxes contributed to the fall.

    Wal-Mart said reduced food-stamp benefits had been partly behind its lower profits, along with competition from heavy discounting during the holiday season.