Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Deep State: Yes, Orwell's Vision Is Unfolding

Any America who doesn't watch this video clip from Moyers & Company (Bill Moyer) has no business voting.  Everyone who does watch it will understand why I have not voted since 1992.  There will be no hope for change for until the citizens of this country hold the Government accountable.
President Obama can liquidate American citizens without due processes, detain prisoners indefinitely without charge, conduct dragnet surveillance on the American people without judicial warrant and engage in unprecedented — at least since the McCarthy era — witch hunts against federal employees (the so-called “Insider Threat Program”). Within the United States, this power is characterized by massive displays of intimidating force by militarized federal, state and local law enforcement. Abroad, President Obama can start wars at will and engage in virtually any other activity whatsoever without so much as a by-your-leave from Congress, such as arranging the forced landing of a plane carrying a sovereign head of state over foreign territory.


  1. Hey, I'm doing my part to fight organized crime (meaning why I don't vote).

  2. I hate to say it, but the situation is probably even much worse than what is described as the Deep State - I personally like the term National Security State myself, yet that doesn't even capture what is happening. It isn't just the US. It has a global reach with the Intelligence and security services of all the countries in bed with each other and being the action arm of covert world government. Crazy as that sounds it isn't when you delve deeply into the literature available. Often times I thought it was the lack of time and motivation of people to really see the underbelly of what is happening, yet even if a person has some drive to try to understand they would hit up against tearing down illusions, cointelpro (as seen by the recent Greenwald revelations of government paid trolls and information agents to counteract truth), and the shear amount of information available to try to take into account. Personally the best bet to grasp things if you have a thirst for such things is to find sources that have already been doing the research and searching for answers. Personally my favorite source is, but not everyone's cup of tea.

  3. New Snowden Documents Show that Governments Are “Attempting To Control, Infiltrate, Manipulate, and Warp Online Discourse"

  4. Now this just released, Supreme Court passes law that will allow Law Enforcement to enter and search your home without a warrant. Welcome to the new East Germany. I guess the Communists have finally won and are removing all laws in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Soviet forward, comrades !

  5. Mike Lofgren, after spending 16 years on Congressional budget committees, had to know about the second, secret Constitution and the flow of US tax dollars to the Jesuits. Why has Lofgren and Moyer left this out of this misleading video, financed by a whole slew of sponsors? Was this video so expensive to produce, or are the sponsors trying to misinform? Here is what is really going on: Here is my latest Tweet:
    Karen Hudes @KarenHudes 8h
    Debate about the real events happening with the dollar

  6. according to China:

    "The U.S. still faces grave employment situation with its unemployment rate remained high," the report says.

    Rates of unemployment for the lowest-income families have topped 21 percent. The homeless population in the U.S. kept swelling and it had climbed 16 percent from 2011 to 2013, it added.

    "There are also a large amount of child laborers in the agricultural sector in the U.S. and their physical and mental health was seriously harmed," the report says.

    the US can manipute its data but the international community already knows the true numbers.

  7. Nazi Coup 1.0, 2.0, 3.0-USA CIA/NSA vs Russia to the Ukraine

    Published on Mar 1, 2014

    I explain in this video how the "Oligarchy" has been able to transcend political movements and use them as tools of advantage. In this video I talk about Nazi 1.0 as a political movement, Nazi 2.0 with the night of the long knives being financed and then used by the oligarchy, and Nazi 3.0 whereby the Oligarchy continued to use the supporters of Nazism as they infiltrated the CIA and then the NSA. I illustrate this progression using words from the Modern Thinker circa 1933 using quotations from an unlikely source Leon Trotsky, who understood clearly what was going to happen prior to WWII. In other works, Trotsky was also correct as it pertains to both the Ukraine and the reason for the total lack of resolve here in the US. The banner of National Socialism was raised by upstarts from the lower and middle commanding ranks of the old army. Decorated with medals for distinguished service, commissioned and non-commissioned officers could not believe that their heroism and sufferings for the Fatherland had not only come to naught, but also gave them no special claims to gratitude. Hence their hatred of the revolution and the proletariat. At the same time, they did not want to reconcile themselves to being sent by the bankers, industrialists, and ministers back to the modest posts of bookkeepers, engineers, postal clerks, and schoolteachers. Hence their "socialism." At the Yser and under Verdun they had learned to risk themselves and others, and to speak the language of command, which powerfully overawed the petty bourgeois behind the lines. Thus these people became leaders.
    What the American worker misses is a spirit of generalization, or analysis, of his class position in society as a whole. This lack of social thinking has its origin in the country's whole history -- the Far West with the perspective of unlimited possibilities for everyone to become rich, etc. Now all that is gone, but the mind remains in the past. Idealists think the human mentality is progressive, but in reality it is the most conservative element of society. Your technique is progressive but the mentality of the worker lags far behind. Their backwardness consists of their inability to generalize their problem; they consider everything on a personal basis. ..

  8. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: "The future of the United States is tied to the future of Israel."
    Below are the remarks of US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew before the 2014 Policy Conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) These are clearly the remarks of the banker for the Empire. It should be noted that Lew's remarks on Ukraine appear to be in line with those of Rand Paul and though Lew's comments clearly show that he considers Israel as the 51st, and most important state, his views on sanctions are more moderate than those of Rand.

    Read the remarks only if you have a strong stomach. Note the re-introduction of the IMF as key financial enforcer. During a stop over in SF, Lew admitted that the IMF is a tool of the US (See:Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Ukraine, Bitcoin, the IMF and a New Nudge-Type IRA) (My bold)