Sunday, October 11, 2009

Barney Frank Is GREAT For Gold!

Simply stunning, too-insane-to-be-believed, statements from Barney Frank concerning the Government's hopelessly futile attempt to stop the housing market collapse - i.e. override the LAWS of economics (sourced from

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing that the bad loans occurred. It was an effort to keep prices from falling too fast. That’s a policy.”  Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee on recent FHA lending, quoted Oct 9th, 2009 in the NY Times..."I believe the intent of the FTHB [first time home buyer] credit (and any extensions) is to raise the floor on home prices to delay (and sometimes prevent) defaults, reducing the shock to the financial system."

Essentially, Barney Frank is saying that it's okay to make money-losing loans using taxpayer money in order to sustain the housing bubble.  I'm not sure how Barney Frank manages to keep his Congressional seat.  Do people in Massachusetts believe that its okay to toss bales of money into the water off of Chappaquiddick Island instead of bodies?  I don't know if I should send Barney a thank-you note for supporting policies that make gold go a lot higher, or shudder with fear from the knowledge that complete idiots are running our Government.


  1. gyc, what a great game. was fun to watch. i love defensive-oriented games. looked like the Broncos special teams were going melt down and blow it. i don't like the o.t. format in the NFL. I think they should play an abbreviated quarter to the end, so both teams have a shot at getting the ball.

  2. Dave,
    your guys played well, but Tom Brady is very clearly wrong. Broncos won fair and square, but I saw some things with Brady today that are making me very sick.
    Kyle Orton is a better fit for the Denver offense than Cutler. He really has command of the system.

  3. gyc, I'm convinced McDaniels is a serious football genius. Orton is getting better every game,especially now that his dislocated finger is better and he doesn't have to wear glove.

    No doubt Brady is not a 100% right now. The Pats' nucleus is now either aged or gone. They need to do some rebuilding. Their o-line is still great, but they need another WR and some players on defense.

    It would appear, at this point, that the team beat in the AFC, right now anyway, is the Colts.

  4. Speaking as a resident of the Commonwealth of MA, I revile Barking Barney Frank, or Barmy Frank if one prefers.

    As for the Pats, well, Brady isn't what he used to be as he missed two passes that would have likely made the game a relatively easy one for The Pats. Their receiving corp outside of Welker ain't great. Moss, like Brady, shows flashes of his former self, but that is all. Finally, there were at least two monstrously dumb and costly penalties by the Pats, one by Mankins and the other by Merriwether. Imagine being so wantonly clueles that you taunt an opposing player right in front of a referee.

    And he didn't even make the stop on the play. Merriwether isn't just a punk, he's a stupid punk.

  5. "Do people in Massachusetts believe that its okay to toss bales of money into the water off of Chappaquiddick Island instead of bodies?"

    As a resident of Mass, I can assure you that yes, they do.