Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here's why Obama and the Democratic Leaders in Congress

have become Wall Street's obedient lap-dog:  LINK

Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein to Obama:  "Here boy, be a good dog and SIT"

(link courtesy of Jesse's Cafe Americain - site-link listed below)


  1. Dave,
    Great win for the Broncos. Good night San Diego, you will have to wait for the next preseason for the writers to proclaim you Superbowl guarantees!

  2. LOL. SD looks like a broken down team. That's a team with attitude and no means to back it up.

    Right now, the question is, how far can the Broncos take this? They play at Baltimore after their bye week and then host Pittsburgh.

    They're defense is reminiscient of the famous Orange Crush.

    McDaniels is a football genius.

  3. this entire site reminds me of two things
    www.theultimateflame.com and the remark that the net is the greatest device for docusing stupid ever invented. IT is like TV but without the TV.

    Stupid is the one common link between football, pandas and Goldman Sachs

  4. @realestateguy: looks like you started hitting the bottle a bit early today.

    you'd be more productive spending your day trying to bamboozle some poor non-English speaking bathroom attendant at Caesar's into taking advantage of the soon-expiring first time homebuyer tax credit and setting him up with some overpriced 800 sq. ft. bungalow in Henderson.

    send the poor bastard over to the local Acorn office so he can get saddled up with some rediculous mortgage, as well...