Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Does AIG Have to Hide? reports that: 
AIG's computer network blocks employees from accesssing the governement's site, according to a person at AIG. The site explains and tracks TARP and other financial bailout programs.  According to AIG's network, FinancialStability.Gov is a "malicious website" (here's the AIG blocks access to the truth )
And here's the link to the website AIG is blocking from employees:

I suppose that this isn't really a big deal, since any employee at AIG can go have some fun with this website when they go home at night.  Given that this is the case, we have to wonder why the upper management at AIG would do something like this, especially when the only end that it accomplishes is to have this action brought to the public's attention. wouldn't have even known about this website if it didn't make the news like this.

The REAL issue here is WHY would AIG's big brass, all of whom have participated in paying themselves millions in bonuses funded by the Taxpayers, want to prevent people from looking into what kind of information is available on this Government website?  Perhaps the only "malicious" content on this website is the information that tracks down just how much money went into the pockets of the people running AIG and the Big Banks who were bailed out as a result of AIG's failure.  I suspect eventually that this website might mysteriously disappear?


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