Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tim Geithner's Treasury Dept Is A Veritable Viper's Nest Of Wall Street Thieves

Bloomberg News has posted a report which outlines just how corrupted by Wall Street that Obama's Treasury Department has become, populated with people on the taxpayer payroll serving as Geithner's closest "counselors," none of whom were subjected to the scrutiny of Senate confirmation:

"Some of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s closest aides, none of whom faced Senate confirmation, earned millions of dollars a year working for Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Citigroup Inc. and other Wall Street firms, according to financial disclosure forms.  The advisers include Gene Sperling, who last year took in $887,727 from Goldman Sachs and $158,000 for speeches mostly to financial companies, including the firm run by accused Ponzi scheme mastermind R. Allen Stanford."

One close aide to Geither, earned $3 million at a hedge fund last year and is due a big bonus this year, withdrew earlier this year from consideration to be the Treasury’s top domestic finance official because the job would have required Senate confirmation.  He remains a close aide/counselor to Geithner.

If you read through the entire news release, you'll see that almost every one of Geithner's close advisors and staff "counselors" come from the very firms that have been beneificiaries of the trillion dollar Treasury programs initiated by Henry Paulson which are enabling the big Wall Street banks to hijack Taxpayer wealth. Here's the link:  A Treasury Den of Thieves

Does anyone really think these people are working on behalf of the Taxpayer?   Is this the Change that people expected Obama to bring to DC?  Quite frankly it would appear that entire areas of Obama's Administration is being RUN by Wall Street.  The people Geithner has hired to run Treasury are the eqivalent of a daycare business hiring pedophiles to oversee day to day operations.

Et tu, Barack?

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