Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AIG Is Raising the Salaries of Top Executives...

Make no mistake about it, this pay raise is coming from your pocket and being put into the pockets of the crooks at AIG, with the approval of the crooked Obama Administration.  Obama's integrity is now in question.  Recall, it was just last week that AIG reported an $8 billion dollar loss (remember, the real loss was likely a lot higher if you adjust assets to market instead of to fantasy)  AND had to beg the Government for more money.  This is your money...from Clusterstock.com: 
Fresh off of another round on eye-popping losses and hints that it may need more taxpayer funds, AIG is preparing to boost the salaries of some of its highest paid executives...Bloomberg's Margaret Brennan broke the news that Ken Feinberg, the Obama adminsitration's Pay Czar, may allow AIG to raise the compensation levels for some of its executives.  LINK
I don't know about anyone else, but this makes me want to throw up...


  1. If it was my taxes paying for it I would be mighty peed off, what about the suckers paying for it, just roll over and get buggered again?

  2. LOL - awesome comment! I haven't heard/seen the term "buggered" for awhile. I love it. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has carried on and extended the Bush legacy of taking 100's of billions from the Taxpayers and handing it over to Big Corporate America, who now controls the Government.

    Until the "suckers" decide to take up arms and fight, the buggering will proceed, without lube.