Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Daily US Dollar Chart and CNBC Fairy Tales...

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FXE is the ETF trust that indexes the performance of the euro.  Currently 23% of the float is short this trust.  That is setting up an epic short squeeze in the euro that will create a lot of pain for the CNBC followers who are long dollars and short the euro.  Of course the big banks, the ones who continually rob us in broad daylight without using masks, will make a fortune with their near-record short position in the U.S. dollar and their long position in the euro. 


  1. You got that right. Great chart/point. It's hilarious how people actually listen to these CNBC clowns. Your exactly correct though about how Goldman/JP and the likes set them up and knockem down time and time again.

    I have to say I have been impressed with how strong gold has been despite USD strength over the last 4+ months. I feel like $1,000 is a solid floor as it hasn't even been tested. Serious support around $1,060-1,040 level. I don't know how long it will take for this EURO/Greece story to blow over but the real story is here in the states and when the party resumes over here with dumping the dollar I don't see gold sitting at these levels long. I expect $1200 to be taken out very quickly and a swift move to $1400-$1500 level becoming more and more likely. It's like a slingshot that keeps getting tugged back a little further and a little further.

  2. JD, re: relative strength of gold/silver. My fund partner and I have been marvelling at how strong gold/silver, especially silver, has been relative to the dollar b.s.

    Not sure they can engineer it below $1100 for any length time (i.e. more than a day or two) at this point because of the strong physical demand coming from Asia/India/Europe right now. I for a fact that wealthy people in Europe look across the pond at the U.S. and are in complete horror -my source told me that wealthy Europeans are buying verifiable 400 oz. bullion bars and sovereign-minted coins hand over fist and demanding delivery to their possession.

    The only idiots who don't get are the dopes sucking down medical marijuana, transfixed by reality t.v. and glued to CNBC in this country.

  3. "The only idiots who don't get are the dopes sucking down medical marijuana"


    And this is a problem? haha J/K...I am with you gentlemen. The dollar is being artificially propped up and when she blows ( and she will ) there is going to be a boat load of bag holders...I would keep a sharp eye on the COMEX paper charade that too is coming to a swift and timely death.

    Love the blog, keep up the good work

  4. Thanks for the feedback hopium. Love your nickname!

    Just to extend the metaphor, I guess the medical marijuana users will at least be holding a bag with something of value in it when this does blow up!

    (by the way, I'm all for just legalizing weed - it's kind of a joke here in Colorado making people get a "prescription" - because anyone can get one).

  5. Perhaps, the banks are just covering their exposure ot long dollar/short euro positions?

  6. As per Friday's COT report, which was as of last Tuesday, the banks piled back into short positions in the dollar to a near-record level, taking the other side of large/small speculators (hedge funds, ETFs, small traders). They also got longer the euro, again taking the other side of the specs.

    They piled into these positions as the dollar moved from 81.50 - 82 last week. The dollar is now testing 81. No doubt they covered some of their dollar short, but if the dollar loses 81 here - look out below.

  7. "(by the way, I'm all for just legalizing weed - it's kind of a joke here in Colorado making people get a "prescription" - because anyone can get one)."

    I agree, but it should be taxed and traded like any other commodity, after all why not make money off of it. Oh and sold in nothing but Liquor stores IE: Over 21...And the packaging must contain the words

    " No Government involvement " because if they get involved who knows what the hell you will be ingesting into your body, like cigarettes.

  8. For sure to be used to raise tax revenues. Distribution details can be worked out. If you had licensed shops = separate from liquor stores - to sell it, it would actually create more jobs.

    There is moral hazard here: giving the Govt more tax revenues risks giving them more revenues to waste.

    Perhaps attach a requirement that ALL money raised from pot tax revenues HAS to be used to pay down Treasury debt - mandatory, no room for loopholes.