Monday, March 1, 2010

Are Gold/Silver Getting Ready to Rock n Roll?

Let me preface this with the fact that every time I get "in my bones bullish," the cartel manages to pull out a big surprise attack on the metals - so maybe this is a good contrarian indicator. Having said that:

I think we're on the cusp of a big move up in the metals here - I can feel it in my bones. Gold has tested the inverse HnS breakout area (1030 area - not exactly but it did hit a 1044 intra-day low which is close enough for Government work and IED bombs), it weathered the Fed/IMF smash attack and it is really weathering the euro/pound cliff-dive well. When Greece is resolved, it will create an explosion higher in the euro and gold will do a moonshot. I think this is partially why we're seeing the commercial long side grow. Gold could well be on its way to hitting its technical objective from breaking the inverse HnS of $1350 area. From there, who knows...we're also going into what is a stronger seasonal period.


  1. Dave how do I check my gold coins and some gold bars that I have??!!!

  2. Wow. Thanks for posting that one. I missed it.

    If you have sovereign-minted bullion coins like maple leafs, eagles, philharmonics, etc, or bona fide nuimismatic gold coins, then you are probably fine with your coins. Take 'em in to a local coin dealer if you are uncertain.

    As for the bars, if they were small they probably came in mint packaging and with certificates. If they are 100 oz. Comex-eligible bars, then they should have serial numbers and authentication paperwork. If none of the above applies, check with a local coin dealer.

    I would bet that you are fine. But you might want to swap out your bars, if you can locally, for bars that have paperwork with them if you the ones you have do not.