Monday, March 1, 2010

Is The Inevitable Going to Start This Year?

I was going to post a blog this weekend which stepped through of the economic/political evidence showing why I believe the "cake eaters" might start to get testy soon (i.e. civil unrest may foment).  As I'm sure everyone is well aware, the State budget cuts in education in California prompted some protesting in Berkely which required riot police, from  Let Them Eat Cake!

Here is why I believe the momentum has started to unfold in the direction of these public unrestful protests spreading nationwide:  There is now an organization that has established a nationwide call to protest the deep cuts in public education in every State:   No, We Won't Eat Cake

I'm sure almost no one reading this was aware, given the sorry state of U.S. mass media, that the Chicago Public School System is facing a $1 billion defiicit and there will be deep cuts in education:  Chicago Tribune.

I would like to add that, for those old enough to remember the MLK assassination/Viet Nam protests in Chicago in 1968 which ultimately helped undermine Humphrey's Presidential campaign against Nixon, recall that student civil unrest started in Berkely and then spread to Chicago. 

Something to ponder as Obama/Pelosi/Reid try to jam a healthcare bill up our ass that more than 60% of the country opposes...


  1. DD: a couple of reminders:

    First good old Arne Duncan and the Chicago connection. He was leader of the CPS until Obama tabbed him for education secretary, Duncans legasy at CPS is a bankrupt system that poorly educates our children ( I wonder how much my liberal friends luv him now)

    Wonder if his successor at CPS will just say "I inherited this mess"

    Second--all the cash in the school systems probably across the country is going to pay for early and costly retirements for the prior educators. The current educators are getting screwed left and right by lower pay packages and layoffs. And consequently the children get screwed. Whats left is the tenured teachers--you know--the ones not on the edge.

    North Shore school districts (the wealthy ones) have already told the teachers layoffs are coming.

    Third: civil unrest--will spread to places like Chicago --um-- in May. When weather is good. That's the historical perspective. California weather is usually good enough for a protest.

  2. Whats the difference a Bush jr. DEPRESSION or an Obama healthcare bill. At least the health care bill is for the people and caters less to corporate GREED. Both side cave into the powers to be bankers, the fed, wallstreet.
    Were in a no win situation thanks to the top 2% of the wealthy in this country! GREEDY xxxxxxxx.

  3. Unfortunately Anonymous, if you really read thru the healthcare proposal, it is nothing but one gigantic transfer of wealth from taxpayers to BigPharma, BigHospital and BigInsurance. That's why Obama is pushing so hard. That's why Pelosi and Reid are pushing so hard - they've already been bought and paid for by the above Corporate interests. Here, read this - i used to subscribe to Craig's pay blog and I know his numbers are good:

  4. FWIW, the "web bots" (if you want an explanation of who they are see Wiki)
    predicted that '09 would see a summer of hell which would be marked by massive civil unrest. They were wrong, at least as regards timing, since the only (relatively mild) brouhaha was over pending health care reform legislation. However, this year may indeed feature the real deal. It's coming, it's just a matter of when.

  5. Hey Edwardo: are you referring to George Ure's web bot programming? There's a couple web bot database operators with which I'm familiar. Ure's deal is one of them - it's usually not that accurate. Having said that, I do believe there's merit to the concept and nothing is perfect w/regard to timing.

    I think Americans are starting to reach to boiling point over the fraud, corruption and dishonesty of Obama/Congress.

  6. Seems to me like we are reaching a big inflection point. Sovereign debt issues, currency devaluation races to the bottom, US state budget issues, pension shortfalls, social acrimony and unrest all over the place. At least the stock market is up though!

  7. Yes, that's who I was referring to. Their record is poor, and invariably their forecasts predict events that are several orders of magnitude worse than reality.

  8. @gyc: you mean we've crossed the Rubicon...

    no doubt. Was just chatting w/my signficant other tonight about the fact that if the Govt had let AIG and those connected to AIG - like Goldman - fail in the first place, 18 months later - i.e. now - we would probably be on the road to resurrection.

  9. Dave,

    The Right is firmly against anything Obama/congress does, while the Left blames everything (and I mean everything) on the Right.

    We are truly a divided nation and it's not a coincidence, it's by design. As usual, the PTB play us like puppets while they pillage.

    What IS different this time is there is a large segment of population that is finally starting to get wise to the game. Our elected officials are starting to feel the heat, many of them are bailing like rats.

    I believe the next mid-terms will be a defining moment, hopefully for the better.

  10. Aman, I agree with you except that 2006 mid-terms gave Congress back to the Democrats and they STILL approved every single Bill that Bush put in front of them.

    The problem is that the politicians are so thoroughly bought and sold by big business now that it doesn't pay for them to listen to the voters.

    The midterms are shaping up to be a serious disaster for the Democrats. But look at Scott Brown. He was given a mandate to oppose Obama and Big Govt and yet he is now in full support of a huge stimulus package.

  11. Dave, spot on as usual.

    However, this isn't your typical recession and it's a really bad time to be your normal scumbag politician. Because of blogs like yours every move they make is widely publicized. They are now having to make (*gasp*) tough decisions.

    It is my hope that some real leaders will emerge from the wreckage. Look how much positive attention Ron Paul is finally getting after 30 years of hard work.

    Scott Brown, on the other hand, is one and done. He's another empty suit and it'll be painfully obvious as the crisis continues.

    Let's hope so anyway. Keep up the great work!