Thursday, October 29, 2009

Watching Geithner In Front Of The House Financial Services Committee

He just made the statement that the U.S. has recently decreased its borrowing from foreigners.  I'd like to see his back-up material to justify that statment, because it is either an outright lie or a negligent omission of fact.

Geithner attempts to mask his extreme stupidity with inarticulate arrogance.


  1. Liar, liar, pants on fire. The data is all neatly available on the Treasury website:

  2. I have to say, I was quite stunned when I heard Geithner make that statement in his prepared speech. Very Orwellian, from his handlers of course. I'm convinced Geithner does not have the creative intelligence to draft the bullshit he spewed out today.

  3. Tim Geithner is pretending not to be the bastard offspring of Ted Bundy and Squeaky Fromme.

  4. Geithner made it clear that he and Barney frank will save us.


  5. Well maybe the government meant they were not borowing from the band "Foreigner" anymore since they broke up?

  6. LOL. If Geithner could borrow his brain from a retard, his I.Q. might go up.

    The college game on ESPN is going to be a bagel tonight, so I'm watching to see if Pedro can beat the Yankees.

  7. Pedro Martinez, we know him well here in boston! Go Phillies, beat the Yanks!

    who do you like in the Broncos at Ravens game, or should I even ask?

    I may have a contest up for tomorrow night if interested.

  8. gyc, I can't wait for that game but I seriously do not have any expectations for the Broncos to win. I would expect Denver to win if the game were here, but who knows on the road.

    I'll check out your contest for sure.

    This UNC/VaTech game is much better than I expected.

    Pedro looks great tonight.

  9. Dave,
    If (big IF) the Ravens can play 4 quarters at home I think they win. If they play 3 quarters, or even 3 and 1 half quarters the Broncos win beacuse they have not beat themselves and their 2nd half performance has been unreal. In Denver, no contest I agree, Broncos big.