Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Federal Workers Earn More Than Twice The Average American

Check this out from Casey's Daily Dispatch:

"As you probably expected, the loss of employment has occurred entirely in the private sector, as Uncle Sam grows more bloated each day. If you happen to be in the private sector, it also might not psych you up too much to know that the average pay per federal worker in 2009 was reportedly $75,419, while per capita average annual income across the U.S. is only about $36,000."

Next time you have to wait in line at the grocery store, don't get pissed at the check-out clerk because they earn less than the typical Federal employee and they are infinitely more productive.  Here's the link to Casey's newsletter, which is free and worth subscribing to for the cost of an email:  LINK


  1. I doubt this includes the mega salaries and bonuses of say, the guys at Fannie and Freddie, AIG and Goldman?

    What happened to Obama's pledge to not have anyone in his adm earning over 100k (but in line for book deals and speeches?

  2. Why stop at $75k? After all, someone else is paying the tab. I think we should raise them all to $200k. It must be stressful to work for my local post office...especially when people like me try to mail a letter at 5:01pm.

    Katy! Bar the door!!!

  3. If the feds pay so good you should all apply to work for the federal government.