Monday, January 25, 2010

Looks Like Bernanke Was Saved By Big Bank Payouts to Senate Republicans...

Big banks exercised their 1st Amendment right, as upheld by the Supreme Court last week, and utilized the funding of some Senate Republican flex-spending accounts to buy support for Bernanke:
Ben Bernanke's future as the leader of the Federal Reserve was in doubt late last week, but he's been bailed out by a strange coalition: The White House and the Senate Republican leadership.  Here's the article:  Bank Money For Republicans Saves Bernanke
If nothing else, this demonstrates the fact that Corporate America has become our Government.  Based on polling conducted before Senate reconfirmation hearings, Americans strongly opposed the reappointment of Bernanke.  Last week his reappointment was in serious doubt, but the Republicans, who mostly opposed him, now seem to have found Bernanke religion.  You can connect the dots for yourself.


  1. I feel about Bernanke's re-appointment the same way I imagine I would have felt about the assassination of Hitler during WWII. Let Bernanke stay on so that the ultimate defeat of the enemy, which is the entire Federal Reserve Banking System, may be total.

    I've never liked the idea of Bernanke acting as the ultimate lighting rod of criticism and recrimination with respect to bankster malfeasance. The entire Federal Reserve system, like the whole Nazi Party-and I do not, by any means, equate the two entities as being even close on the grand scale of wickedness, but I make the juxtaposition simply to make a point-must be eradicated.

  2. I'd love for someone to connect the money dots from this group of Bernanke supporters to the entities that sent cash and how much.

  3. Well, I think we know the big banks would be the ones putting some nice campaign donations into the coffers of the Senators sitting on the fence, especially the ones in tight races this year.

    And we know Enron's chief lobbyist is the one sprinkling the fairy dust around Capitol Hill:

    "strategy on the Bernanke confirmation was being led by former Enron lobbyist Linda Robertson, who is viewed as an effective advocate for the banking chief on Capitol Hill"

    Problem is, by the time the relevant filings are made by each Senator, this weekend's largesse will be lost in shuffle