Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey Harry, Exactly What Does "A Negro Dialect" Sound Like?

I was going to leave this one alone, but the more I thought about it and discussed it with others, the more convinced I am that Harry Reid should - at a minimum - relinquish his leadership position in the Senate, finish out his term, pull out of a re-election bid, and go back to Nevada and crawl back into his racist, bigoted, redneck desert cave and disappear from civilized society. 

But this won't happen because Obama needs Reid in order to jam through the wildly unpopular health care bill that Reid is in charge of dragging through the Senate using any unsavory, corrupted political tactics required to get the job done.  So Obama has exercised political expedience and turned the other cheek for the sake of saving his arrogant political agenda.

Reid's comment reflects incredibly poorly on the people of Nevada who support him and on the Democrats who are standing by tolerant and without rebuke.  Rest assured, if a Republican was caught making the same remark, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have a lynch-mob gathered outside of the offending politician's office demanding his political scalp and I'm sure Obama would be taking a much different public tact.

It's beyond contemptible that Obama has rolled over like this on Reid's remark. To begin with, using the term "negro" harkins back to the 40's and 50's when blacks were "separate but equal." I wouldn't be surprised if Reid secretly thinks there should be separate bathrooms and water fountains in the Senate building for whites and "those colored Congressmen with the funny dialect."

Reid's remark was in direct contrast to the spirit and message of Obama's campaign and election victory, which is that Americans have transcended racism and that our educated, advanced society is blind to skin-color.  Obama is pathetic for not at least censuring Reid over this and I predict there will be a backlash from a fair portion of his black support base. To be quite frank, Reid's language was so patronizingly colloquial and seeded in bigotry that he should do the right thing and resign immediately.


  1. Dave,
    Devaluation Watch during my time of sadness:
    Venezuela goes for a 50% devalue. I am sure this is isolated. And contained.

  2. To which I would say, "Golden Sea" or "East Asian Supremacy"

    LOL, I am obviously just kidding.

    Archaic labeling of peoples is so middle age. I can't believe this is still happening at such high levels of office in the "greatest country" on Earth.

    Speaking of middle agey, "middle kingdom" used to think they were the "best" and the centre of the universe (hence the name "middle kingdom" and look how long it took them to climb back from the abyss over the last century to high relevancy in the world!

  3. JW, not sure how your comment ended up under this post LOL. There's only 2 things we know for sure: 1) we have no way of knowing how the current global situation will "settle" (although I'm pretty sure it will be ugly for the U.S.) and 2) it's going to be fascinating to watch the "settling" process occur.

  4. Another theory of the ending by economic historian Niall Ferguson:

    Basically, as a historian, he predicts the "U.S. empire" will be shrinking her military to cut costs.

  5. I pay no attention to Congress. They are bought and paid for shills that serve the top 1%. This top 1% gathers most of the wealth unto themselves and tells the rest of us to eat cake. These parasites must die.

    Joe M.

  6. JW, the U.S. will just print more money to pay for everything. It never fails to amaze me how this is lost on some very bright people, especially Ivy League professors.

  7. Dave,
    Did you see Jesse's 5 year post today for the lat 5 years? That is one sharp cookie! Cannot wait for the next 5.

    I am vey serioulsy considering going large on gold and silver. The Venezuela and Argentina news has me convinced fiat is going to hit a brick wall in 2010. Off to craigslist and unsuspecting physical gold holders that have no idea!!! LOL

  8. No, no, no Dave, you misunderstood Ferguson. Think about how Zimbabwe's army is not very big. Niall Ferguson is not saying there won't be hyperinflation. He is saying after such episodes, interest rates shot up and currency worth less than toilet paper=no funding to sustain a big military.

    You know, they say, history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.

  9. @gyc: jesse sent a copy of his post and i replied: "here's my forecast: we're fucked" lol. listen to the presentation he linked in his post. i think you'll find it fascinating. i have 90% of my assets in gold, silver and mining stocks.

  10. @JW: i wasn't referring to Ferguson's latest musings per se. i was referring to the fact that, at least in his public presentations, he doesn't seem to understand just how catastrophic the U.S. economic/financial system is. maybe he's trying to avoid causing a panic. our situation is most analogous to Weimar Germany, only we're in worse shape. i think mark twain said that about history.