Monday, February 8, 2010

Best Super Bowl Ad in My View:

I think most of the ads were overrated, especially the sappy one with Betty White that everyone seems to like.  This ad ran before the coin toss, so if you were refilling your beer you probably missed it, but I thought this one with Larry Bird at the end was the most entertaining:

"He's takin' our lunch..."


  1. LOL--guess it was too expensive to get both Bird and Jordan for it.

  2. It's especially amusing when you consider that Bird wasn't exactly a splendiferous dunker. But I'd rather of had him any day than Dwight Howard and probably Lebron.

  3. LOL. The beauty of it was that the hick from French Lick is arguably one of the best players ever. Bird has a couple trophies that LeBron may never touch.

  4. Does the newer generation even know who Larry Bird is? I have seen Bird play many a time at the old Garden.

    Oh yeah,
    SAINTS WIN!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOL. LeBron wasn't even born yet when Bird won NBA Rookie of the Year.

    Great game last night. Payton comletely out-coached Caldwell. Payton has balls the size of Jupiter for doing that on-side kick to start the 2nd half. If the Colts recover that, they probably win. Was fun to watch the (S)aints beat the Colts. Brees was phenomenal after the 1st qtr.

  6. Lebron is the only player past or present who can match Superman dunk for dunk and match Larry Legend shot for shot.

    We are all witnesses...