Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Many Jobs Did Obama Claim To Have Saved...

with his useless stimulus legislation and the assumption of another trillion of related indebtedness?  I think the last number I saw coming from the White House was in the 700k range.  You better read this before you are willing to believe that garbage - from
Last October the BLS announced it would revise historical payrolls lower by 824,000 on February 5 (this Friday's NFP release). While this number will not impact the actual January NFP report ...while we know what the current revision will be, the scarier prospect is that the next historical adjustment, due out in early 2011, will be even larger, at least 990,000. This means that the government has overrepresented running payroll data by over 1.8 million jobs over the past 20 months.  Here's the link:  More Obama Lies
The country got what it voted for:  garbage in, garbage out.


  1. Dave,
    This is just unreal! Banana republic and the donkeys keep bidding up stocks (all stocks without regard to sector) like everything is fine.

  2. Dave when is this paper bs at the crimex going to end?!?!?!?!

  3. Good question. May not end until the Comex defaults on deliveries. Rest assured that JPM and HSBC and GS are hedged with physical probably safekept under their buildings.

    The real question is, at what point will the world start to go to gold exclusively for flight to safety. I think we're starting to transition to that now.

    The real tragedy about the Comex is that it illustrates just how corrupt our Govt is to let this go on.

  4. This is a real drubbing today. Is it a coincidence that Jim Willie just posted an article about the disconnect between paper and physical Gold?

    Joe M.

  5. Smells of desperation, doesn't it.

    They took silver down another 10 cents right at silver's comex close