Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama Ignores the Voice of the Public

I was stunned to learn last week that Obama was still trying to jam healthcare "reform" through Congress.  Interestingly, I'm not the only one, as Obama's approval rating, as measured by Rasmussen, has hit new lows.  As of yesterday, only 22% Strongly Approve vs. 41% who Strongly Disapprove.  Here's the link:  Obama Tanking.  Moreover, a large majority of polled voters oppose Obama's healthcare proposals.  In fact less than 40% of those polled favor the plan:  LINK.

The REAL problem with healthcare is that Big Pharma, Big Hospital and Big Insurance now control Congress with monied PACs just like Big Banks and Big Defense.  The fact of the matter is that Big Money Corporate America now completely controls our system.  Until that CHANGES, the promise on which Obama was elected, nothing will change.  Here's is the REAL problem with healthcare, as documented by Craig Harris of Earthblog news: 
Healthcare in America today is delivered by an exclusive club. This exclusive club consists of providers, hospitals, insurers and big pharma. Big pharma alone has six lobbyists for every member of congress and funds the FDA which acts as a wholly owned subsidiary...Over the past 40 years, the cost of healthcare in America has risen at an annual rate of approximately 12 percent. This is the root of the healthcare crisis in America. $100 dollars spent on healthcare 40 years ago increasing at an annual rate of 12 percent costs $9,300 dollars today. During this same 40 year period, $100 dollars in average income has increased to about $220.
Everone now see the problem?  Here's the link to the entire commentary (I've been reading Craig Harris for quite some time and his analysis is very accurate and backed with facts):  The Golden Truth about Healthcare

Which leads me back to Obama.  The optimistic view of Obama and his motives would be that he is way too inexperienced, lacks deep political connections and is either a blind ideologue or bit of an idiot (maybe both). I really can't believe he's back humping a healthcare bill again after the Massachusetts massacre. He is completely ignoring the message being sent by the electorate.  The NJ/VA Gov elections should have been a loud signal to Obama,  BUT  Massachusetts should have been a hard hit over the head. And the announced retirement of well-respected and firmly entrenched Democratic Senator Evan Bayh was the coup de grace.  Based on his continued determination to ignore the voters who put him into office, I can only conclude that Obama is either completely controlled by Corporate America or just stupid.  Fact is, it's probably both.


  1. hard to judge a guy completely without getting to know him, but apparently among his issues is he is stubborn and he does not know how to prioritize (ummm-controversial health care vs basic jobs---increasing debt and spending in worng areas. Nor does he really know how to cajole folks with differences of opinion but he is blue chip at blasting those who do not agree with him.

    I never liked bosses who led by intimidation.

  2. Looks like $16 Silver calls are taken out but $1100 Gold calls still putting up a fight, All in all, typical op-ex price action.

    The CFTC reminds me of the 3 deaf, dumb and blind monkeys.

    Joe M.