Saturday, February 13, 2010

CRE Dealt a Huge Blow in Denver

Qwest, which leases one of the largest and highest profile buildings in Denver has notified its landlord that it is not going to renew the lease.  Qwest was required to lease the whole building, of which it subleases out about half of the space, in order to hang its obnoxious neon blue sign at the top.

Here's the link to the article:  Qwest downsizes, leaves a big hole in Denver CRE

This is a huge blow to the commercial real estate market.  My guess is the best shot anyone has at filling up that space is if Obama gives some "stimulus" money to a windmill or solar energy company to replace the space being vacated by Qwest.


  1. This is OT, but oh so interesting.

  2. Thanks for the link. Nothing is OT that is value-added input toward revealing Truth.

  3. Looks like Greece will be dealt with a bit later than the markets wanted, mid march is the headline item tonight.

  4. I saw that. Gold is flying. I think it's because it was announced that Greek will be bailed out for sure after they come up with big spending cuts. Fiat confetti for all!!!!

  5. How can gold be going up, isn't time for its one way trip to $0 yet??

    The strength of gold as of late has been impressive and I think it means something.

  6. Ya. It means NBC's coverage of the Olympics sucks!

    What's most surprising is that Feb on average tends to be a weak month. I'm guessing anyone with a bit of savings in Europe is buying as much gold as they can.

    I saw an ad yesterday in the Denver Post, it was one of those cash 4 gold companies saying that they were paying more than any competitor because they had enormous international demand.

    So typical that the U.S. hoi polloi is selling all their gold while the rest of the world hoovers it up.