Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Looks Like There's Been a Run on Bullion...

Just got off the phone with a colleague who told me he spoke to several primary coin dealers up and down the East Coast yesterday and the general consensus was that there was a run on bullion last week.  A reader posted in the comment section on Friday's post who said:  "had the same experience with my metals guys on Thurs and Friday buying several thousand ounces. Tulving and California Numismatic were swamped." 

I can confirm that Tulving was "swamped" on Friday, as it took me 10 minutes to get through.  I purchased 1 oz. gold Austrian Philharmonics and I just noticed they no longer have those for sale.  Their inventory list is smaller than it was Friday and they have jacked up the premium on sealed boxes of 2010  1 oz. silver eagles.

It would appear that more people are starting to understand the problems which are catastrophically infecting our system, to realize that the Obama administration continues enablement of these problems and that this country is essentially a runaway freight train with no brakes and headed for cliff.


  1. In Germany the gold dealers have plenty of bars and coins. No sign of scarcity.

  2. The gov't says their credit ratings will be need to panic.