Thursday, February 25, 2010

BOOM! Goes the Dynamite

Gold and silver exploding despite the big sell-off in the general stock market.  Perhaps a delayed reaction to the China news?


  1. dave as much as us gold bugs get flustered when gold gets hit, we don't realize how important the barbarous relic is to the money masters... as bill still highlights in his two documentaries.

  2. agree. i've recently come to the conclusion that there is a huge chess game going behind the scenes between the PTB (Rothschild, etc)/China/India etc to see who can control that most amount of physical.

  3. The resiliency of gold here is driving people that think it is only an inflation hedge mad, while at the same time driving deflation bugs crazy that it remains solid. Maybe if they could understand that gold IS money and every government the world over is printing money (which may or may not lead to inflation; I know long discussion) gold becomes a must have item. Maybe one day!

  4. Dave, when has "Pravda" ever been a reliable source?

    You have a link to the original post on Finmark?

  5. ackerjj: my view is that Pravda is arguably, probably a better source than the elitist controlled-drivel reported over here.

    Having said that, here is the link:

    I have an email into a good friend of mine who is a Russian linquistics and cultural expert asking him to see if he can find out the reliablity of this source.

    And actually, it turns out that India is now in competition for the rest of the IMF gold.

  6. gyc: all valid points. the deflationists will soon have very high food/energy prices shoved up their ass. I can't wait!!! LOL